13 Oct 2016
Colfeā€™s swimmers makes a splash.

Colfe’s swimming squad has, this term, been attracting over 70 swimmers (a record number) to each of its four weekly training sessions held during lunchtimes, before and after school.

Now due to its popularity, the training club is set to offer more sessions to accommodate the number of pupils wanting to take part.

Colfeian swimmers regularly win local galas and competition and are setting Personal Best and record times at league and county events. Head of Swimming Sarah Manzi helped set up the swim squad four years ago for those interested in increase their knowledge and skills. Sarah runs all four training sessions with help from external professional coaches.

Elspeth Oliver (Year 8) said, “Swimming is something I’ve been doing since Reception. I’d recommend people joining the club even if you’re not a strong swimmer. It’s such a fun atmosphere and everyone is really lovely, but you are learning techniques and it really helps with your fitness.”

Sarah Manzi said, “After four years of hard work from both pupils and staff, Colfe’s is really putting swimming on the map. Our squad compliments our School Swim Programme with now over half of our sporting pupils naming swimming as their first sport of choice.

“The swimming programme begins in Nursery with a fun-based introduction to water and continues through to Year 2 with pupils learning all four strokes and developing skills such as streamlining and diving. Stroke technique work continues from Year 3 to Year 8 with the introduction of swim squad training and so by Years 9 and 10 we are able to introduce lifesaving and water polo. The NPLQ Lifeguard Qualification is offered as an option for the Sixth Form during games.

“Swimming is a life skill and through taking part from a young age, pupils develop a love of the water and can use the skills in outside activities.

“I am thrilled at the popularity of our swimming squad with pupils able to progress their competitive swimming or purely come for enjoyment and fitness.”